Thinking Capital Rotational Program

Location:  Montreal

Position Type:  Full-Time

Thinking Capital is looking for two new graduates to join a 24-month rotational program. This program highlights what we do and allows you to gain on the job training in a variety of roles. During your tenure. 
The program offers you the opportunity to be trained, mentored and developed in all areas of Thinking Capital’s operations and the Fintech industry as a whole. Working within various teams in different departments. You will be immersed in strategic meetings, project launches, data analysis, talent management, customer interaction and much more. 

Your Role

How does the program work?
1.    The program is divided into 5 different phases. 
2.    During each phase, you will be assigned a different executive sponsor responsible for coaching, supporting, and monitoring your progress. Our Executive Team!
3.    For each phase, you will be provided with both on-going feedback as well as a formal evaluation by the executive sponsor prior to moving onto the next phase.
4.    If a permanent position of your interest becomes available at any point throughout your tenure, you will have the opportunity to apply and remove yourself from the rotational program permanently.
•    Open to undergraduate students who will be graduating as off spring of 2016;
•    Our program is ideal for those graduating in BCom, BSc, BEng;
•    High academic achievement (transcripts required);
•    Ambitious and driven individual willing to work-hard to establish themselves as a highly valued employee and potential future leader
Phase 1 - Company Overview 
For the first 30-45day period, we will aim to provide you with a general overview of the business and define the expectations of your role such as: 
•    Business Overview
•    Sales Training
•    Systems training (, Analytics Tools)
•    Basic Data Analysis
•    Project Management and Coordination
•    Presentation Training
Executive Sponsor: Chief Talent Officer
Phase 2 - Set-up
Thinking Capital is an Agile environment. We thrive under change and are always working on new implementations.

In this phase, you will work with the Technology, Customer Success, and/or Marketing teams in delivering a new project. 

Examples of tasks include: 

•    Work with team on setting up a new partnership
•    Implementation of new software solution
•    New Product creation

Executive Sponsor: Chief Technology Officer

Phase 3 - Customer

Thinking Capital is a direct sales organization and has relationships with thousands of Canadian small businesses. 

You will gain a strong understanding of the importance of the customer interaction from a frontline perspective. You will work within our sales, customer success, business development, and partnership management teams, in order to develop into a well-rounded manager.

Examples of tasks include: 

•    Develop new business through client prospecting;
•    Provide customer support to clients throughout the sales process;
•    Work with the Account Management team on reducing bad debt;
•    Work with the Partnership management team on relationship building tasks.
Executive Sponsors:     Chief Strategy Officer 
Chief Revenue Officer 

Phase 4 - Operate

Thinking Capital is a high growth organization and constantly thinking about scaling the business and delivering great customer experience. This phase involves many aspects of the business including: Quality Assurance, Process development and implementation, internal user support and Talent Management

Examples of tasks include: 

•    Work on setting up a talent management system;
•    Creating a directory of equipment;
•    Work with a team on developing the on-boarding process for partners;
•    Create Department Manuals;
•    QA Role

Executive Sponsor: TBD

Phase 5 - Measure

Thinking Capital places a large amount of importance on data and ways to use it. Analytics, finance, and accounting all provide different methods of measuring results in different contexts. 

Examples of tasks include: 

•    Working with the Business Intelligence team to determine market and business trends;
•    Collaborate with Financial Analysts to build financial reports and analyze data 
•    Work with Treasury department with payables, credit and account reconciliation. 
Executive Sponsor: Chief Financial Officer 
*Please keep in mind that only candidates fitting this position will be contacted for an interview.